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Hardware availability detection (HA)

High Availability (HA) and hardware fault tolerance#

There are several ways of achieving hardware redundancy and fault tolerance at an edge site.

Fundamentally there needs to be an eliminate of the EVX edge appliance as a single point of failure.

Depending on the organisational network needs, this may be achieved with multiple devices and interfacing with the LAN or firewalls with a routing protocol, or a cluster acting as a virtual router.

Either of these setups mirrors the default configuration of connecting to multiple Network Fabric Routers (NFRs), thus achieving redundancy at every level of hardware.

HA Solution Design

The INF allows for any network segmentation configuration, whether simple internet breakout or other more complex hypernet configurations to be made resilient at the CPE hardware level.

High Availability clusters using VRRP#

Using VRRP, or Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol, clusters of EVXs can be configured with floating, virtual IPs.

Each TAG connects to each corresponding NFR so that any combination of paths is possible during any component failure scenario.

HA Connection Design

Typically the EVXs would be paired with redundancy devices on the LAN side.

Example: 2 Link aggregated connection with an HA pair of EVXs connected to an HA pair of local firewalls and switches.

HA with VRRP

EVXs in the cluster are connected together by a Heartbeat cable. If clusters of more than two are required, then a switch cluster can be implemented between the EVX cluster to allow for scaling.

High Availability clusters using BGP#

Through the use of a routing protocol such as BGP or OSPF, relationships can be established between EVXs (either on their own or in a cluster) to devices managed by the customer. Routes can then be propagated and used depending on the availability of nodes in the cluster on both sides of the relationship.

No heartbeat cable or ports are required in this configuration as the setup is entirely decentralised.

Last update: February 9, 2023