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Hand off protocols

Interface demarcation configuration options#

Various methods of demarcation configuration are available, including at its most basic a statically defined IP address on a physical interface.

More complex configurations involving a routing protocol such as BGP can be used where customer routers or firewalls need to have control of the network addressing. See also High Availibilty setups where BGP can be used to determine EVX selection at the edge.

What is being connected?#

A local firewall might just require a static assignment. A local switch may require a DHCP server, or STP if the connection is Layer 2.

DHCP server#

EVXs can have a DHCP server configured to issue leases to the customer LAN. Normal scope configuration options are available, although advanced configurations are not supported.

Layer 2 connectivity#

Where Layer 2 networks are being handed off, its vital that STP or some other protocol to prevent loops is configured correctly.

EVXs support STP configurations.

Last update: February 9, 2023