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Advanced ecosystem#

The various platforms, systems and tools making up the Evolving Networks monitoring ecosystem collect and collate a continuous stream of data on every network component’s health and performance.

This telemetry is presented as diagnostic information in the form of live data feeds to the Evolving Networks NOC. This enables human engineers and automated systems to work together to diagnose network or individual connection faults when they occur.

A network engineer diagnosing a complex issue on a customer SD-WAN, for example, has a large amount of diagnostic data on hand to assist:

  • Live traffic
  • Packet capture
  • Throughput generator (bandwidth saturation)
  • Traffic classification monitor
  • Ping
  • Traceroute
  • STP and bridging monitor

Artificial intelligence works together with human intelligence, in the form of Evolving Networks engineers, to process this data, diagnosing, healing, optimising and controlling the network platform.

The combination of live telemetry and the diagnostic data it generates allows for the quick diagnosis of issues as well as the proactive re-vectoring of data away from data centres or carriers as they begin to experience problems, potentially before those problems become customer affecting.

Last update: February 28, 2023