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Monitoring & telemetry

Monitoring & Telemetry#

The collection of telemetry and other diagnostic data underpins the ecosystem’s traffic management, visibility, fault detection and rectification capabilities.

We gather real time information from all live nodes on our network, as well as from dedicated monitoring infrastructure both inside and outside the network, including from three different cloud platforms.

Detailed information is captured both in the bespoke customer SD-WAN backbone, and by both the EVX at the customer’s end of each connection and any NTE provided with component tails.

Using the telemetry and diagnostic data collected by the EVX and the INF, the monitoring ecosystem records every aspect of the network, including the circuits between exchanges and customer premises.

The telemetry and other diagnostic data, covering everything from sync rates and signal-to-noise ratios to latency and jitter, is continually analysed to inform dynamic routing decisions.

It also enables the detection of incipient faults before they impact customers, and, fed back to the EVX in the form of network routing or packet prioritisation commands, reduces their decision-making workload.

EVX devices are therefore lightly loaded, with decisions about where they route traffic made at a higher level, with more visibility than any single on premise device would have.

The constant flow of detailed connection and network health information is used by the AI and Evolving Networks engineers to maintain connection quality as well as to provide real time usage and availability data to customers and partners.

  • Live traffic collector
  • Bandwidth usage monitor
  • Latency
  • Loss
  • Jitter
  • Availability
  • From 3 different cloud platforms
  • Inside and outside the SD-WAN

Last update: February 9, 2023