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Security features

A network product with security at its heart#

While the INF and associated technologies is a networking product designed to be coupled with any combination of third part security platforms in any possible security model, the entire network fabric is secure by design, and with inherent security features at its heart.

All traffic is encrypted by default, and the nature of aggregation by packet distribution ensures in-built obfuscation.

Let firewalls be firewalls#

Separating the network and security stacks is a key step in building a modern IT infrastructure. Networking and security workloads are very different, requiring different CPU, memory and general hardware requirements.

Trying to make a firewall product into a network one means cutting corners with both.

Our product keeps the security features to only those essential to the functioning of the network, while ensuring the phsyical and virtual appliances at the edge and in the backbone are secure from attack.

Customise and pick best-of-breed security platforms#

Firewalls are important. They are also a minimum level of security for a network or connection.

As the modern network stack keeps growing, so does the modern security stack. Whether protecting users from phishing attacks, or securing applications using ZTNA, and anything in between, the needs of one organisation can be very different from another.

The EVX and NFR platforms and the Intelligent Network Fabric have been purposely designed to be compatible with any and all security platforms and topologies.

There is no one size fits all approach to either networks or security, and different security products can be combined to sit with our resilient, powerful network foundation.

Here's how our technology is secure by design#

Last update: February 9, 2023