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DDoS protection is important. Unfortunately network attacks are a fact of life, and are becoming increasingly commonplace.

Getting the protection levels right is a delicate balance, with an ongoing arms race between network providers and malicious actors always looking for new attack vectors.

Native to our network is a comprehensive Arbor / Netscout DDoS and Cyber Threat protection system. These devices monitor throughput and mitigate against cyber threats and DDoS attacks when they happen.

The Arbor Systems suite of hybrid DDoS protection products and services represent the market leading technology in this area and have successfully protected our network since 2015.

In the event of a DDoS attack being detected the Arbor devices are quick to act and mitigate against the malicious traffic. Our experience is that many tbps of attack data can be mitigated against with no impact on customer experience.

In addition to the market leading protection offered by the Arbor system, we have implemented the system in a way that minimises risk as far as possible.

We have a series of very tightly integrated and customised Arbor profiles tied to individual rack platform infrastructure in each datacentre.

This direct linking of Arbor instances to our traffic on a per rack basis (rather than taking a "whole network" approach) segments our network tightly further reducing the possibility of any attack impacting customers.

In the unlikely event that an attack is experienced that is customer impacting, it would be confined to a single rack giving our systems and engineers opportunity to vector traffic around the problem, greatly reducing the amount of time any single connection experiences the issue.

Last update: February 9, 2023