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Change management#

Continuous consultancy#

As this is a managed service we apply our network consultancy and engineering expertise to all change requests.

The nature of our network overlay technology means changes can be made in minutes, not weeks, and are not dependent on network underlay circuits.

Because it is easy to make a change, it is also easy to cause disruption where none was intended. We therefore extend our consultancy to all change requests.

Impact analysis#

All change requests are logged and triaged within minutes to ascertain the impact of the change, and whether it passes risk or complexity thresholds that require senior engineering review, or network architecture analysis.

A simple change not requiring downtime will be scheduled and completed the same working day (if logged before 2pm). All simple changes are included as part of any managed service.

If a change entails disruption to a connection, or to an entire SD-WAN instance, this will be detailed with a confirmation email and the change will be scheduled.

If the change meets the threshold for risk, complexity and disruption, the request will be alerted to the Partner or end user Account Manager and a change review meeting scheduled. This meeting will be convened within 2 working days (dependent on information requested from the instigator).

Request Type Same day Within 2 days Designed and scheduled

Change management protocols, typically including the development of new Virtual Topography™ diagrams and low level technical designs are agreed before the change is scheduled.

Back out plans are made for any change in case unforeseen circumstances arise before completion.

The documentation for all changes is accessible to service desk engineers and service managers so the history of the connection and SD-WAN is available and can inform future strategic planning.

Last update: April 4, 2023