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From day one we have done everything in our power to prevent users needing to call our support teams.

Constant streams of telemetry are collected inside and outside of our network fabric in each customised SD-WAN to spot issues and track network trends.

Whether its benchmarking circuits and performing continuous automated health checks, or crowd sourcing major network events and preventing customers from experiencing degraded service, we have built our SD-WAN as a Service product with customer experience front of mind.

We consider it a failure if we are being chased - whether it’s the status of a support case, or an update on an installation.

Our emphasis is on getting complete and timely information to customers early, when we said we would and with useful and practical expectation setting and timed regular updates.

Our technology is inherently about instant reaction and automation, which is why we have rewritten the rules on customer contact.

Our services are as fault tolerant as a customer is willing to engineer.

Last update: February 9, 2023