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Fault tolerance

Our solutions make connectivity better and keep customers online.

Different combinations of technologies and features result in different risk profiles. It is therefore important to discuss appetite for risk when planning the management of network continuity events.

Each of the following can be used to tailor any individual connection or customised SD-WAN instance:

Last mile/on site#

  • Number of circuits
  • Combination of circuit technologies (e.g. ethernet and cellular)
  • Number of ISPs
  • Spare CPE
  • High Availability CPE cluster
  • VNF on customer virtual platform


  • Number of bandwidth aggregation nodes
  • Capacity and number of internet transit links
  • Capacity and number of cloud transit links
  • Transit gateways for above links
  • Number of geographic datacentres for above
  • Inter-datacentre bandwidth

Last update: April 4, 2023