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The primary governance objectives set out in this framework are to:

  • Ensure effective and timely oversight, performance management, and decision-making through clearly defined roles and responsibilities and reporting mechanisms.
  • Identify opportunities to leverage common needs to the mutual benefit of all parties.
  • Establish effective governance processes that provide for honest dialogue and rapid escalation of relationship problems.
  • Effectively identify and resolve difficult issues through the process of cooperative and amicable interest-based negotiations involving timely escalation though a series of governance levels.
  • Ensure an effective relationship management process exists including communication, decision making, reporting, measurement, issue resolution and dispute resolution processes.

Guiding principles#

We will adhere to the following guiding principles for governance:

  • Utilise transparency to ensure the financial aspects of the contract provide demonstrable value for money.
  • Proactively identify sources of disagreement and discord, and take timely action before they become matters of dispute.
  • Where possible, resolve issues through a process of cooperative and amicable discussions and negotiations.
  • Ensure the governance processes and procedures enable us all to:
    • Understand and execute our responsibilities and accountabilities under the contract.
    • Work co-operatively together over the full term, subject to the specific rights of a party under the contract.
    • Develop and maintain high quality relationships.
    • Accommodate the lifecycle of the contract and adapt to changing environments.

Last update: April 4, 2023