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Service assurance#

Network event flow#

  1. Threshold breach

    When fault thresholds are breached, or components fail, our technology kicks in to mitigate them.

  2. Log event & respond

    Each event is logged, and support cases raised.

    A proactive email is sent indicating what has happened, and the mitigation action that has been taken.

  3. Diagnose

    Some interactions will require response.

    E.g. to confirm if there is a power outage locally or a piece of equipment has been unplugged.

    The diagnostic process, which may depend on these responses, will be explained.

    Often, some action is needed locally (on site) before a fault on a component link can be raised with a carrier.

    This may simply be to confirm eyes on equipment.

  4. Work to resolve

    Where a third party such as a carrier or Openreach is required, a fault is then raised and managed to its resolution.

  5. Complete

    Once an issue is resolved, it is confirmed by email. Often, local connectivity has not been interrupted at any point through this process.

Case lifecycle#

Most network events are mitigated in seconds.

Most faults that cause those events are transient and temporary, therefore most support cases are resolved easily within 24 hours.

For those that are not, e.g. a component link fault reported to carrier, daily update calls are delivered to the customer/partner until resolution.

This means that, for each open ticket, not a day goes by without a call from an engineer explaining the results of any work to resolve the issue in the previous 24 hours, and the setting of expectations for what is likely to happen for the next 24 hours.

This does not replace contact throughout the day when actions need performing, or information needs presenting.

Case open time As necessary Daily Weekly
<24 hours
>24 hours
> 7 days

Long running complex cases#

Some cases are more complex than others and may require action from multiple providers deep in the supply chain.

Where a case becomes long running, weekly update calls with a senior engineer and the Head of Customer Operations are scheduled, until resolution.

Last update: April 4, 2023